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Customized Container Conversions

Container Conversions

Bulk Container Solutions is South Africa’s leading supplier of custom shipping container conversions, with hundreds of different designs.

Shipping containers are the ideal structure to convert just about any type of conversion that you are looking for. Due to the robustness of a shipping container, and the strong structure, people have long used containers to construct houses, offices, and many more.

Every single custom converted containers, undergo strict inspection and design protocols, to ensure that every container conversion we deliver are of the utmost quality.

We've added more details to some of our most popular container conversions below. If you have a very specific design in mind, please contact us with your details, and we'll gladly quote you accordingly.

Shipping Container Conversions

At Bulk Container Solutions, we believe that giving our client a choice is core to our success. Below are but some of our custom shipping container conversions.

Office Containers

Office containers are most commonly used for additional office space to corporate companies, as well as site offices for mining & industrial contractors. Some of our designs include:

  • Basic & Executive Office Containers with Electrical wiring and air conditioner
  • Split Office Containers
  • 6m & 12m Office Containers
  • Office and Store Room Split office containers
  • Combined 6m and/or 12m Open Space Office Containers

Ablution Containers

Whether you need site ablution facilities or additional ablution facilities for a specific function, our converted ablution containers is ideal.

We manufacture unisex ablution containers, complete with piping, showers, toilets, urinals, basins and electrical wiring. If you have a design in minde, send us your details, and we quote you accordingly.

Accommodation Containers

If you're looking for temporary housing, or even a fixed solution like a granny-flat, we can manufacture an accommodation container solution that fits both your design and pocket.

Because our accommodation containers are relocateable, you can easily supply additional or temporary housing for your workers, employees, contractors or family. Contact us for our unique offering.

Clinic Containers

Does your company employ a permanent nurse? We have a solution to ensure that your employees are treated in a save, clean and fully furnished environment. Our clinic container conversion undergo a strict manufacturing process to ensure it complies with your standards.

Internet Cafe Containers

Want to start your own business? Is business rental property too expensive? We have a custom solution for you. We offer a fully furnished internet cafe container conversion, complete with electrical wiring, R45 sockets, a full IT solution with Software and Hardware.

We've designed our internet cafe solutions so thorougly that you only need to give it power, and you're up-and-running.

MCC Server Containers

If your business is looking for a cost-effective and relocatable solution for a Server Room, we have an excellent solutions for you with our MCC Server Room Container Conversions.

Workshop Containers

We offer fully equiped site workshop container conversions with both 220V and 380V power. Our workshop containers are relocatable, and easy to setup. Contact us for unique specificationa and solutions.

Industrial Kitchen Containers

Industrial kitchen containers ranging from 150 to 250 people. We can combine 12m containers, so that you have a prep-area, cold storage etc.

These are extremely specialized containers, and we supply them to you fully equiped with built-in, lockable hatches.

Laundry Containers

Our Laundry room containers come fully equiped with industrial quality washing machines, tumble dryers, folding area etc.

The laundry container solution is fully equiped with electrical wiring and water pipes as needed.

Butchery Containers

For a mobile solution for your butchery, we manufacture a fully equiped, fully wired butchery container. We'll install the frigdes and display coolers, so that when this container gets on-site, you can get started in no time at all.

Your Design

Although it is impossible to list every single type of conversion that we build, we encourage you to send us your detailed specifications, and we'll ensure you'll get the best price and service.

Container Transport

Since all shipping containers are manufactured according the same specifications world-wide, we have been able to partner with leading transport companies throughout South Africa, to provide you with the best possible transport for your shipping container. All our trucks are equiped with with twist locks, to ensure an effortless, and safe journey for the container from BCS to you.

Our pricing model for the delivery and relocation of storage shipping containers, ensure that you get the best possible price for tranport anywhere in South Africa.

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