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Refrigeration Containers (Reefers)

Refrigeration Containers

Refrigerated containers (Reefers), is refrigeration containers that are used for the transport and storage of temperature sensitive goods, like perishables or fruit.

Some of South Africa’s leading retailers use Reefer containers over festive seasons as additional storage for the huge influx of clients.

Reefer containers get their power from an external source, and have the ability to maintain temperatures of -10 - +10 degrees Celsius. Reefer containers must not be misinterpreted as blast freezers.

Blast Freezers have the ability to freeze specific goods and to manufacture huge amounts of ice, whereas Reefers are made specifically only to maintain the temperature of sensitive goods.

Refrigerated Container Specifications

Bulk Container Solutions is one of South Africa’s leader in the supply of new and used refrigerated containers (Reefers). We offer 6m and 12m ISO Standard Reefer containers. All cooling units come with a 6-month guarantee* (please enquire about our guarantee), and is in complete working order, prior to being dispatched to our clients.

6m (20-foot) Reefer Container Specifications

External Lenght: 6.096m
External Width: 2.438m
External Height: 2.621m
Weight, gross: 30,480kg
Weight, Tare: 2,990kg

12m (40-foot) Reefer Container Specifications

External Lenght: 12.192m
External Width: 2.438m
External Height: 2.621m
Weight, gross: 34,000kg
Weight, Tare: 4,520kg

Container Transport

Since all shipping containers are manufactured according the same specifications world-wide, we have been able to partner with leading transport companies throughout South Africa, to provide you with the best possible transport for your shipping container. All our trucks are equiped with with twist locks, to ensure an effortless, and safe journey for the container from BCS to you.

Our pricing model for the delivery and relocation of storage shipping containers, ensure that you get the best possible price for tranport anywhere in South Africa.

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