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Storage Shipping Containers are being used througout South Africa due to their strength, security benefits and their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Because storage containers are delivered and relocated very easily and economically, they've made for an excellent replace for brick-and-mortar or other alternatives. Their robustness ensures that the natural elements have no effect on it's structure, and since all our storage shipping containers are water tight, your goods can be stored anywhere with peace of mind.

BCS ensures that every storage shipping container that leave our yard, is fully checked and inspected, to ensure that only the best products reach our clients. Our inspections also ensure that you receive a storage container without any damages that may affect the structure, and that it has no water leaks.

All of our storage containers can be modified according the client's specifications and needs, prior to being delivered. Should you wish to have the container painted, or maybe for an additional single door to be placed in, we can ensure the container gets to you in perfect condition.

Storage Container Sales

Bulk Container Solutions specialize in the sale of new and used storage shipping containers. We source the best possible containers in the market, and sell them at wholesale prices.

We've been assisting clients all over South Africa with containerized solutions, and aim to be the in-house brand when it comes to storage shipping containers.

Due to the ever changing economy and the fluctuating rand against the dollar, the prices on storage shipping containers are constantly changing. BCS therefore are able to purchase bulk stock, and the ensure that the prices we sell at, always remain a wholesale price.

Storage shipping containers are the best and most economic way to get a secure, and robust storage facility. Whether you wish to use it at home, or a mining & industrial site, we've have the storage container best suited for your need.

We sell a huge variety of storage shipping containers, including 3m, 6m and 12m New and Used containers. We can supply you with either a GP (General Purpose) or HC (High-Cube) container, depending on the height that you are looking for.

Should you be interested a specialized containers, such as Open-Top Shipping Containers, specialized conversion container or refrigerated containers, please contact us.

Container Transport

Since all shipping containers are manufactured according the same specifications world-wide, we have been able to partner with leading transport companies throughout South Africa, to provide you with the best possible transport for your shipping container. All our trucks are equiped with with twist locks, to ensure an effortless, and safe journey for the container from BCS to you.

Our pricing model for the delivery and relocation of storage shipping containers, ensure that you get the best possible price for tranport anywhere in South Africa.

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